Team Warrior Princess Eva

eva-collins-mailchimp-210916Ariana and Hayden Collings are leading their team, “Warrior Princess Eva” in fundraising for the Children’s Cancer Ward at the hospital in support of their daughter, Eva (all pictured above).

Two and a half-year-old Eva was diagnosed with a brain tumour in April this year, and since then she’s spent more than her fair share of time in hospital, where she has undergone five CT scans, three MRIs, five ultrasounds, nine x-rays and over 30 general anaesthetics.

“We’ve been at PMH pretty much every day since April 18 and we’ve seen first-hand that the work done for the kids by the ward’s staff is nothing short of amazing,” Ariana said.

“The doctors, the nurses, the social care workers, the people that bring lunch, they are all very special people and we can’t thank them enough for what they are doing for our little girl.

“We really want to give back and taking part in the walk is our way of supporting the wonderful people who have been supporting us over the last five months.”

Although Eva’s diagnosis has hit the Collings family for six, they are staying positive and doing all they can to give back. They have so far raised over $1,500 for the Children’s Cancer Ward and are aiming to raise $7,000 in total.

Well done and thank you to Team Warrior Princess Eva – we wish Eva all the best with her treatment.