Team Alexey

Eight year old Alexey will be taking on the 6km Big Walk with the support of his friends and family known as “Team Alexey”. This will be an astonishing achievement for Alexey, who survived a stroke when only two months old and has undergone two major brain surgeries since then.

“It is thanks to the Paediatric Rehabilitation Team at Princess Margaret Hospital that Alexey walking 6kms is even possible!” explains Anna, Alexey’s mum.

“So we are walking and fundraising for Paediatric Rehabilitation to help give back to the team that has cared for Alexey and has helped him get to where he is today.”

Alexey’s stroke caused brain bleeding, cerebral palsy, cortical blindness and severe seizures and he required immediate brain surgery. Three years ago Alexey underwent a second brain surgery, this time to help control his seizures. Thanks to all the efforts of the doctors and therapists at PMH, Alexey can now walk and talk again.

Alexey was also the first child to use the Robotic Arm, a new device for rehabilitation therapy that was funded by Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation. Alexey has had an amazing outcome post treatment and can now move his left arm and is able to do things his family never thought possible, like swimming freestyle!

Team Alexey are fundraising for Paediatric Rehabilitation and they hope to raise enough to support more equipment like the Robotic Arm, to help Alexey and other kids through their rehabilitation.


Good luck Alexey for your “big walk” – you can do it!

Pictured above is 8 year old Alexey holding Stitches with brother Mikhail, dad Dmitry and mum Anna – who are walking and fundraising as Team Alexey!